Call for Participants: The Future of DH

We are delighted to share that our seminar proposal for the GSA conference in 2016 has been approved for enrollment!  Check the GSA website after January 5, 2016 to enroll in our seminar.  All participants must be current members of the GSA to apply and the enrollment period closes on January 30.

The Future of Digital Humanities in German History and German Studies

The digital humanities (DH) allow scholars to utilize digital tools to research and teach in a range of innovative ways.  From digital archiving and visual biography to data visualization and geospatial analysis, DH methods are applied in a wide variety of projects in German history and German Studies.  This seminar seeks 12-15 interdisciplinary participants to discuss the future of DH through the lens of their own research, teaching, and archival projects.  Participants will submit a project description, metadata samples, and project websites to a WordPress site prior to the conference.  The conveners will then group the project discussions into three sessions according to methodology or audience such as pedagogy, digital archiving, or GIS.

This seminar will provide a forum for sharing and discussing digitally-enabled research projects, teaching efforts, and archival projects in German history and German Studies. Participants will discuss the methods employed, the specific tools and/or programs used, and the various challenges they encountered in their project.  Along with presenting their projects, seminar participants will be encouraged to discuss questions such as the process of identifying and acquiring necessary DH skills and tools, the challenge of working with bilingual (or multilingual) data, and the impact of DH scholarship on collaboration between students and faculty.  In the final portion of the seminar participants will discuss new areas for the implementation of DH methods in German history and German Studies, the possibility for the integration of DH in undergraduate and graduate education, and standards for the evaluation of DH projects for tenure and promotion cases.

Feel free to send any questions about the seminar to the conveners:

Shelley E. Rose (Cleveland State University) Email:

Jared R. Donnelly (Bush School of Government and Public Service-Texas A & M University) Email: