Seminar Basics

The GSA is here! This post contains all the basic information sent to participants via email. Note: All posts related to preparation are available at

  1. Frame your 10-minute presentation around the questions for your category: Research, Teaching, or Methods. Please be considerate and do not exceed the established time limit. There will be plenty of time for discussion of each project and Q & A.
  2. Prepare the feedback questions on the other presentations in your category to share with your peers. Methods presenters should choose one or two projects in another category to provide feedback as well. This feedback can be delivered in hard copy, as comments on this site, or orally during Q & A.
  3. We ask that you review the MLA and AHA guidelines for evaluation of digital scholarship and the Young Researchers in Digital Humanities Manifesto.
  4. We will meet at the Terrace Cafe at Town & Country (Map: for drinks on Thursday evening. Happy hour starts at 4 and at least one of the conveners will be present starting around 4:30 /5 pm. Join us for as long or as little as you like!
  5. The schedule for presentations are posted under each category. Generally, the categories are divided as follows: Friday- Research, Saturday- Teaching, Sunday- Methods.
  6. Please feel free to contact me ( or Jared ( with any questions as you prepare!